BIOS Setup & Upgradation
PC Tech Support provides complete solutions on BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. The BIOS (sometimes called CMOS) is the program that controls a computer's boot process. The purpose of the BIOS is to identify and initialize processor, memory, hard drives, optical drives and other hardware.


  • BIOS update errors
  • Provide support when system won't boot after BIOS update
  • Support of BIOS loses date and time (or changed settings not saved)
  • Upgradation of BIOS
  • BIOS updates failure
  • BIOS setting problem
  • BIOS language problem
  • BIOS splash screen problem
  • BIOS configuration problem
  • Recovery of BIOS password
  • BIOS menus display problem.


Our remote assistance feature ensures that our professionals are there, to solve the problems with following features:

  • Resolution of any PC related issue for sure.
  • Immediate professional service by Certified Engineers.
  • Our experts will also give some quick tips and shortcuts, so you don't have to read whole manual.
  • Remote assistance for quick and complete solutions.
  • Chat anytime to our expert technicians via Internet
  • Comprehensive Online Support at an unbeatable price.
Rates And Plans

Our Rates And Plans :

  • System Optimization plan: $ 199.99
  • System Optimization with security plan: $ 299.99
  • System Optimization with security and software plan:$ 399.99
  • System Optimization with one year support plan: $ 399.99
  • System Optimization with one year support and soft ware plan: $499.99

For any kind of query and support feel free to contact us at our Toll Free No: 1-888-308-3363

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